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DevOps - AWS

Price: USD 2500

About DevOps - AWS:

The world and its sectors, from retail to entertainment to finance, have been completely altered by software and the Internet. Software now plays a crucial role in every aspect of a business, going beyond simply providing assistance. Through software supplied as online services or applications and on a variety of devices, businesses communicate with their customers. Reading that, maybe now you want to shift your career to DevOps, or train yourself to drive adoption within your company. But how do you become a DevOps engineer? IMO Tech is here for you!

The combination of cultural philosophies, practices, and tools known as DevOps improves an organization's capacity to deliver applications and services at high velocity: products evolve and improve more quickly than they would in organizations using conventional software development and infrastructure management processes. Organizations are able to provide better customer service and engage in more profitable market competition thanks to this speed. In order to balance needs across the software development life cycle, from coding and deployment to maintenance and upgrades, a DevOps engineer introduces methods, tools, and approaches.

The DevOps on AWS specialty teaches you how to create, deploy, and maintain applications in the AWS Cloud by combining DevOps philosophies, methods, and technologies. Rapid delivery, dependability, scalability, security, and improved collaboration are advantages of implementing DevOps. The core ideas in computing, database, storage, networking, monitoring, and security that students and professionals will need to understand while working with AWS are covered in the course. Furthermore, by identifying workflow steps that could be automated, you'll learn how to use the appropriate tools to measure code quality. The DevOps methodology will then be used to optimize the deployment process, along with various tools that might facilitate deployments.

Wish you all the Best and See you in the Course :)