About IMO Tech

Who We Are

IMO Tech is a Washington DC Metropolitan area-based business with a focus on Information Technology (IT) and Cyber Security, virus protection and associated products, infrastructure, maintenance, cloud and management consultancy Services. We provide managed Services IT services for all sized businesses in different industries. With our expert consultants and technicians, IMO Tech has expertise in nearly all technologies and industries. We support small to medium Business IT Infrastructure and Environments. We work with customers to recommend and supply fit for purpose IT services and solutions. The value and vulnerability of information has never been higher, and the need to securely deliver services better, faster, more efficiently and at an ever-greater scale At IMO Tech we evaluate software and hardware packages that suits your business needs for the day-to-day running of operational activities and provide clear insight into the scale of threats they face as a result of emerging technologies and new ways of working.. IMO Tech training provides individuals with IT technical skills in preparation for certification to individuals, groups and business in person or remotely. IMO Tech has 40 years of combined experience ensuring, a 90% certification passing rate. IMO Tech training incorporates personal developments, vocation training and career counselling into its programme to facilitate best outcomes

IMO Training , is an entity of IMO Solutions…

IMO Tech has over 40 years of combined experience, ensuring a 90+% certification passing rate. We provide 24/7 and 1:1 support with online and remote options for training. IMO Tech incorporates personal development, vocational training, and career counseling into its programming. We have a plethora of incentives offered to students and previous participants.

In 2016 IMO Tech began training students to enhance IT knowledge and skills. Since, IMO Tech Training has grown to provide over 6 courses, including Cyber Security, Linux, and Amazon Web Services to more than 150 students with a 90+% certification passing rate. IMO Tech also consults businesses for IT needs and data maintenance, security, and migration.

Mohamed has a passion for education and sharing of knowledge. He started IMO Tech due to a former instructor ending a class before completion, taking on the role of "teacher" and has never looked back since. Mr. Fofana has several certifications in IT and continues to expand his understanding of technology to share with his staff and students. Mohamed knows that knowledge is power and provides many a pathway to freedom, helping them achieve goals and change lives.