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IMO Tech Cybersecurity Course Overview

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Want to make a career change to Information Technology (IT)? Already an IT person and you want to make a transition into cybersecurity? Our robust cybersecurity training will guide you on the right path on what it takes to become a successful cybersecurity or IT Security Analyst.
  • Security Control Assessor (SCA)
  • Information System Security Officer
  • ISSO Support Analyst
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Future of Cybersecurity Learning


$83k - $181k /year

A Cybersecurity professional with 3+ of experience is paid of $83k - $181k PA


24,006+ Jobs

As per Gartner, Cybersecurity will create 24,006+ jobs by 2021-22


Analytics Infra: 5X Lift

By 2024, 75% enterprises will shift to operationalizing Cybersecurity.

About the Cybersecurity Course with IMO Tech Training

Course Overview

Regulations require that federal agencies undergo a detailed and systematic security assessment process to demonstrate compliance with standards. This is known as the Assessment and Authorization (A&A) formerly called Certification and Accreditation (C&A). Due to increased incidence of cyber-attacks, private organizations are leveraging the Cyber Security standards set forth by the government to protect their assets as well as to be eligible to do business with the government institutions. IMO Tech Training will provide you with the needed training and exposure to prepare you for a role in this growing and demanding IT field. You will be trained for roles such as IT Security Analyst, Security Control Assessor (SCA), Information System Security Officer (ISSO), ISSO Support Analyst, and Vulnerability Assessor.

At IMO Tech, our Cyber Security course focuses on Federal Information Security and Modernization Act (FISMA), Assessment and Authorization (A&A) process, the NIST Risk Management Framework (RMF) and an introduction to basic IT network and IT security principles to help you acquire general Cyber Security knowledge. We provide you with IT security compliance skills that are in high demand within the US government and the private sector. To complement the compliance skills, we ensure you understand general Cyber Security technical knowledge to enable you to comprehend and to speak the IT industry language. Our Cyber Security training highlights the following:

a. Government Cloud Service Providers (CSPs)
b. Third-Party Assessment Organizations (3PAOs)

a. Information system categorization
b. Security control selections
c. Security control implementations
d. Security control assessments
e. Information system authorizations
f. Continuous control monitoring

a. Using netstat and task manager to detect any foreign connection to our machine
b. Setting up (Honeypot) on our laptops to lure any potential hacker to a fake file so we can receive alerts via e-mails.
c. Basic router security set-up
d. Download, installations, running of Nessus Vulnerability scanner
e. Vulnerability Scan results review process.

a. Cryptanalysis
b. Symmetric and Asymmetric Encryptions
c. Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)

a. Firewalls
b. Switches, Routers and IP address classes
c. Proxies etc.

We provide resume and interview preparations sessions for you after the completion of the course.

a. Overview of security architecture
b. The OSI and TCP/IP Models
c. Concept of Defense in Depth
d. Network Isolations segmentation (DMZ, VLANS etc.)

a. Cybersecurity objectives
b. Cybersecurity roles
c. Concept of Risk, Threats, and vulnerabilities
d. Common attack types and vectors

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