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IMO Tech CompTIA and SOC Course Overview

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Want to make a career change to Information Technology (IT)? Already an IT person and you want to make a transition into Cyber Security? Our robust Cyber Security training will guide you on the right path on what it takes to become a successful Cyber Security or IT Security Analyst.
  • Security Control Assessor (SCA)
  • Control Assessor (SCA)
  • Assessor (SCA)
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Future of CompTIA and SOC Learning


$35-$50 /year

A CompTIA and SOC professional with 5+ of experience is paid of $35-$50 PA


150 Jobs

As per Gartner, CompTIA and SOC will create 150 jobs by 2021-22


Analytics Infra: 5X Lift

By 2024, 75% enterprises will shift to operationalizing CompTIA and SOC .

About the CompTIA and SOC Course with IMO Tech Training

This course is designed to provide students and professionals with knowledge of the CompTIA Security+ principles and techniques employed in securing information and networks, as well as architectures for providing highly available and dependable services. Security + certification is highly recognized around the world and serves as an entry point for IT Specialists to move into areas such as Incident Response Analyst, Security Engineering, Information Assurance Technician (IAT). An important aspect of securing information is to understand the scenario fully and be able to identify critical assets, requirements and business processes. To this end, the course covers security and strategies as well as information policies for the securing of all information.

It is expected that, by the end of the course, students/professional will be able to complete a brief security assessment of an organization, identifying critical assets and processes; identify and implement a Security Policy and Information Policy; evaluate the security risks presented by computer networks; describe data encryption suitable for encrypting. Explaining the role of firewalls in securing a network; identify the specified network components required for a highly available and dependable network and authentication mechanisms.

Teaching Methods

The course will, in general, consist of taught lectures during the specified period and laboratorybased, hands-on exercises. Students/professionals will be expected to complete to complete additional, self-paced learning outside the taught portion of the course to become familiar with the technologies introduced. Some practical exercises will be completed in a virtualized environment, to enable students to use certain security tools safely.

Week 1- 6 Comptia Security 601+

  • Fundamentals of Network Security
  • Implement Security Configuration Parameters
  • Implementing Common Protocols and Services
  • Implementing Appropriate Risk Mitigation Strategies
  • Implement basics of forensic procedure
  • Summarizing incident response procedures
  • Importance of Security Related Awareness and Training
  • Summarizing Risk Management Best Practices
  • Select the Appropriate Control
  • Explain types of Malware
  • Summarize Various Types of Attacks
  • Summarize Social Engineering Attacks
  • Explain types of Wireless Attacks
  • Explain types of Application Attacks
  • Appropriate Type of Mitigation
  • Tools and Techniques to Discover Security Threats and Vulnerabilities
  • Explaining the Proper Use of Penetration Testing vs Vulnerability Scanning
  • Importance of Application Security Controls and Techniques
  • Summarizing Mobile Security Concepts and Technologies
  • Select the Appropriate Solution
  • Alternative Methods to Mitigate Security Risks
  • Comparing and Contrasting the Function
  • Selecting the AAA in a Scenario
  • Installing and Configuring Security Controls
  • Utilizing Cryptography
  • Using Appropriate Cryptographic Methods
  • Use appropriate PKI CM and AC

Week 7 – 10 SOC

  • Introduction to Incident Response
  • Detecting & Mitigating Phishing Emails
  • Hacking Techniques and Countermeasures
  • Detecting & Mitigating Web Application Attack
  • Introduction to Malware Analysis
  • Writing Incident Reports

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