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Why Imo Tech Training? 2018-02-27T23:45:47+00:00

We offer a wide range of high quality IT courses taught by expert professionals..

  • Our Experienced Training Staff are certified and have several years of industry experience. What this means: Professionals with real-world experience who will teach you real-world scenarios and not just theory
  • Our Certified Program helps students become Oracle Certified: This means documented proof of your knowledge, more credibility, more value to your employer. Increased value can mean more salary.
  • We provide on the job technical support for at least six months for all trainees working on client projects after finishing the training:  This is available to you after completion of your training. Assisting you through the tough times as  you gain experience.
  • Motivation and Self-Development Skills: Success skills you can utilize anytime and that goes beyond the scope of your training

  • Learn Oracle on multiple platforms. We train students on both Linux and Windows environments: Working on multiple systems makes more attractive to potential employers.
  • Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) Training. We focus on various tools used throughout the Software Development Life Cycle (i.e data modeling, architecture,design, development, version controlling, testing, debugging and deployment): Develop a comprehensive understanding of SDLC and its related concepts. You will be able to select and follow the right model for any software related project.
  • Convenient Training Options. Students can attend our training onsite or online: Live, Instructor-led training in an interactive classroom environment where you can participate in person or online. Instructors can see your work even if you are working online.
  • Interview Prep and Resume Building. Our state-of-the-art interview preparation techniques and resume building ensure the right talent is hired for the right job: This means you can comfortably outshine the competition with our interview and resume preparation program. You will know how to answer soft skill and technical questions.
  • Combination Theory & Practice. We combine a theoretical curriculum with an actual work: This means full scale learning where you will understand how the software works internally and how to manage it.
  • go here Our trainers make learning Oracle Database simple and fun: Learn in a fun environment where your engagement is encouraged. Instructors are easy going and willing to help you understand everything being taught.

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