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Cyber Security Training

Learn to fight hackers with a cybersecurity Certification – $1500

As the world becomes more automated and smart devices become more prevalent, hacking, data breaches and other cybercrimes start popping up everywhere. You’re looking for a future in a career where tech-savvy pros help keep information safe, which is why a cybersecurity certification could be a fit.

At Imo Tech Training, you’ll learn critical thinking and the principles of risk-management and how they relate to cybersecurity through real-world examples and hands-on lab simulations. The Certified Cyber Analyst/Operator program starts with an aptitude assessment and ends with a penetration testing capstone. Students will demonstrate their ability to discover and exploit vulnerabilities in networked information systems without disclosing their presence, tactics, or techniques.

 Our cybersecurity programs can help you

  • Gain cutting-edge knowledge and skills through coursework designed by industry experts
  • Obtain hands-on experience and learn from knowledgeable faculty who practice in their fields
  • Prepare for select DoD 8140 industry certifications