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Highest-paying tech jobs in America

//Highest-paying tech jobs in America

Highest-paying tech jobs in America

Glassdoor just released its list of the 25 best-paying jobs in the US for 2016, and, as usual, tech jobs dominated the list. Glassdoor sifted through the salaries reported by employees who have these jobs, limiting its search to salary reports from the past year, to come up with median salaries. The website also looked at the demand for these jobs, based on the current number of job openings on its site.

Information Systems Manager, $106,000

go to link An information systems manager is an IT job for a corporation, a person who is responsible for various tech and tech projects used within a business.

Analytics Manager, $106,000

It is the analytics manager’s job to gather the data that business leaders use to make business decisions, and it runs the gamut from choosing and managing big data/analytics systems to finding the important insights to share.

Product Manager, $107,000

A product manager guides a team responsible for producing a product for the company. Tech companies frequently structure themselves with product managers who act as liaisons, translating what the business wants from its new tech products into instructions for engineers.

Data Architect, $113,000

A data architect is a role that once belonged in the world of databases but has grown because of the big-data craze. Data architects design data-management systems, looking through all of a company’s potential data sources from inside the company and other sources and then figuring out how to gather, store, manage, and update.

Data Scientist, $115,000

The data scientist has become a super-hot job as companies look to store more data and use it for more insights. The data scientist’s job is to run the systems used to store data and to find those insights in massive amounts of data.

Systems Architect, $116,920

A systems architect designs complex IT systems for companies, which may include rolling out a new huge software system including the new computers and networks needed for it to perform well.

Applications Development Manager, $120,000

An applications development manager supervises a team of application developers who may be writing software for PCs, enterprises, or the web.


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